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Meet Our Team

Chris S

Chris Siragusa

Co-Founder & Executive Director

With a career spanning over 25 years in the technology and grocery delivery industry, Chris Siragusa has witnessed firsthand the diminishing influence of the American people and the increasing dominance of Dark Money. His extensive experience includes founding and leading companies like MaxDelivery, where he revolutionized grocery delivery with innovative technologies.

Throughout his career, Chris has been a staunch advocate for fair wages, tirelessly fighting for his delivery employees against an industry that often exploited gig workers as modern-day slave labor. This relentless battle for justice deepened his awareness of how financial power manipulates politics, perpetuating systemic inequities that harm everyday people.

Refusing to succumb to despair, Chris channeled his frustration into action, determined to create a platform that empowers average citizens. This resolve led to a auspicious meeting with Matt Abedi, where their shared vision for political reform and passion for technology solidified their partnership.

VoteDown was born from this shared mission, dedicated to returning power to the average voter and creating a more equitable political system for future generations.
Matt Headshot

Matt Abedi

Co-Founder & Marketing Director

Driven by a passion for innovation and creativity, Matt Abedi has thrived in startup environments, where he has excelled at solving new problems from scratch and making a positive impact. His experience includes launching and positioning products at Omnicom and co-founding Fohlio, where he independently navigated strategies and execution, partnering with like-minded individuals and organizations.

Matt's deep-rooted commitment to social justice was solidified during his time working on the Obama Campaign in 2012 and later as an analyst at the National Association of Corporate Directors. In these roles, he witnessed the voting challenges faced by disenfranchised groups in Florida and the political ecosystem in Washington, DC, highlighting the systemic barriers preventing passionate citizens from participating in the political process.

Refusing to be discouraged, Matt dedicated himself to creating solutions that empower everyday people. This dedication led to a fateful meeting with Chris Siragusa over coffee. It quickly became clear that both shared a deep passion for changing the political system to better reflect the will of the electorate. Their mutual love for technology and belief in its potential to drive positive change in the political landscape further cemented their partnership.

VoteDown is a project dedicated to you, the voter; to us, the citizens; and to our children, the world we’re going to leave behind for them. In a Democracy, the government listens to and serves the people—not the other way around.