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Lauren Boebert

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Colorado's 3rd District
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07/23/2024 --chicagotribune
There will never be another statesman like Joe Biden in our lifetimes.
07/22/2024 --huffpost
The Republican's tweet became the subject of many snarky remarks ― all because of her choice of words.
07/22/2024 --rawstory
"Deadline White House" host Nicolle Wallace began her Monday show with a panel on Vice President Kamala Harris and the impact she will make on Donald Trump's campaign. She spoke to political strategist and distinguished lecturer Dr. Basil Smikle, Jr., and pointed out that the most entertaining piece of the new 2024 campaign is "the bumper sticker writes itself, right? That almost never happens in campaigns. But, prosecutor, meet felon. I mean, here we go. Day one."Smikle agreed, "here we go." He explained of Harris, "What is gratifying to see is that everyone, and everyone today, has talked about this, that there was such a rallying around her."Read Also: Trump vs. Harris will seem compressed. But it’s the norm elsewhere.He explained that all the potentially negative things people said about Harris had disappeared. For years, Harris was trashed publicly and in print," where they were, in "some ways, diminishing her" and "diminishing her credentials.""That talent, that skill set is now front and center in being able to prosecute a convicted felon, a recidivist, who will be standing across from her, and it changes the whole dynamic," Smikle continued. He anticipated that Harris would be attacked on "policy, migrants, and crime" but said that "there are going to be two levels to this criticism.""One is going to be a policy criticism, but one is just below that. If they're going to attack her on migrants and immigration, they're also going to start attacking her on her own ethnicity, being a child of Jamaican and South Asian parentage," he said. "She's going to be attacked on the economy, but underneath that, she's going to be attacked on whether or not she earned the job that she has."He cited the New York Post headline claiming she was the "DEI Candidate" as an example. It's a catchphrase used by conservatives to claim women and people of color are only hired for their race and gender. Smikle said he witnessed a lot of that while working for Hillary Clinton. "These racialized and gendered attacks are coming and have already started. And I have always been concerned about those who were asking Joe Biden to step down; I hope they use that same energy to defend Kamala Harris should that time come," he explained. He pointed to those saying that a Black woman can't win in the United States and said, "Stop it right there. The biggest challenge is the doubt. That doubt as to whether or not the country is ready. I don't know if the country is ready, but I'm going to cast my ballot. You have to cast your ballot. She's ready. You have to be ready."See the discussion in the video below or at the link here. 'Prosecutor meet felon': Nicolle Wallace mocks Trump’s new race against Kamala
07/22/2024 --dailycaller
'How can anybody think this is normal?'
07/22/2024 --huffpost
Several GOP members flirted with conspiracy theories that have been percolating on social media since the shooting.
07/22/2024 --reporterherald
Police mounted patrols Sunday night around the Loveland house of Republican state lawmaker Ron Weinberg after someone posted a message on Facebook saying he and U.S. Rep. Lauren Boebert should be "put in the crosshairs."
07/21/2024 --reporterherald
Colorado's elected officials quickly praised President Joe Biden's decision to step out of the race for reelection on Sunday.
07/20/2024 --rawstory
Donald Trump is expected to speak soon in Michigan at his first campaign rally since he was shot on stage in Pennsylvania.ALSO READ: How much access did $50,000 buy someone at the Republican National Convention?Trump, who earlier in the day offered a purported update on his health from a controversial doctor accused of operating a "pill mill" when he was Trump's White House physician, is scheduled to speak after his pick for V.P., GOP Senator J.D. Vance.Watch below or click the link.
07/20/2024 --rawstory
Donald Trump's pick for vice president is under fire Saturday for a statement about President Joe Biden just days after Vance's Republican National Convention speech.J.D. Vance, the controversial author and Ohio senator who has been accused of being part of a plan to setback women's rights in the United States as Trump's number two, took to social media over the weekend to make an argument in favor of Biden resigning to presidency at once."Everyone calling on Joe Biden to *stop running* without also calling on him to resign the presidency is engaged in an absurd level of cynicism," Vance wrote on X. "If you can't run, you can't serve."ALSO READ: How much access did $50,000 buy someone at the Republican National Convention?Vance then added, "He should resign now."The internet was quick to react. While numerous Trump allies such as Lauren Boebert shared the sentiments, other onlookers pointed out flaws in Vance's argument.Conservative columnist Jonah Goldberg called it a "head fake.""This just strikes me as a silly argument factually (smart politically though). If Biden broke a hip, he couldn’t run — literally or figuratively — but he could still serve out his term," Goldberg wrote. "Cancer might make another term unwise but not require resignation. This is a head fake."Matthew Dowd, who previously worked for George W. Bush's campaigns, said, "ummm, didn't you say Trump was unfit to be President just in last few years?""Quite an absurd level of cynicism for you to now run on the ticket with him don't you think?" he asked.@ArtCandee wrote, "President Biden isn’t going anywhere. Nor is your Project 2025 with Donald Trump.""We’re gonna win," the account added. "Bigly."@ChidiNwatu chimed in, "The guy who referred to Trump as 'America's Hitler' and a 'cynical a--hole,' and stated that only an 'idiot' would vote for him, has opinions on embracing cynicism. You can't make this stuff up."
07/19/2024 --kfor
The U.S. Department of the Interior is responsible for the management and conservation of federal lands and natural resources.
07/19/2024 --gazette
The Democratic nominees in Colorado's two competitive congressional districts head into the fall campaign with enormous cash advantages over their Republican opponents.
10/30/2023 --thehill
Republicans should be riding high — President Biden is badly under water across top issues and overall approval polls. Instead, the GOP has a mess.