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Georgia's 10th District
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07/20/2024 --rawstory
On Saturday morning on MSNBC, former prosecutor Katie Phang and ex-RNC chair Michael Steele both suggested there was more than a hint of collusion that led to U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida Judge Aileen Cannon to issue her ruling dismissing the obstruction of justice charges filed against Donald Trump on the same day the Republican National Convention convened.Phang, appearing on Steele's "The Weekend," said the timing was very suspicious coming from a judge most famous for dragging her feet on the DOJ case filed against the man who placed her on the bench with a lifetime appointment.Noting that Cannon's opinion that special counsel Jack Smith was unconstitutionally appointed by Attorney General Merrick Garland was the basis for the dismissal of the case related to stolen government documents hoarded at Mar-a-Lago, ex-prosecutor Phang said everything about Cannon's performance deserves scrutiny.RELATED: 'Judicial malpractice': Judge Cannon accused of boosting 'wacky or unfounded arguments'Add to that, the timing of the dismissal."Why not dispose of that issue in February? We hear the oral argument including friends of the court which never happens," she began. "This is at the end of June, the beginning of July and then she sits on a 93-page opinion for that long?""But the reality is once [Supreme Court Justice] Clarence Thomas gave her the green light to file her dismissal, that is when she did it," she added. "And for her to drop that on the first day of the RNC stinks. Something is rotten in Denmark, and I'm going to say it is Aileen Cannon."Host Steele agreed, interjecting, "I am with you on that one because the timing and the process, the level of, you know, coordination is the only word that comes to mind."Watch below or at the link. MSNBC 07 20 2024 09 42
07/20/2024 --npr
A day-by-day and hour-by-hour look at the events surrounding the attempted assassination of former President Donald Trump at a campaign rally in Butler, Pa., on July 13.
07/19/2024 --washingtonpost
“Hypocrisy and gaslighting”: For years, Trump and his allies targeted election officials, resulting in threats. So, to them, calls for civility often ring hollow.