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Mark Kelly

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07/23/2024 --6abc
The former astronaut and Arizona Democrat has been outspoken on immigration.
07/23/2024 --nbcnews
Kamala Harris is reshaping the battle for Congress as she picks up more endorsements for her presidential campaign and vets potential running mates.
07/23/2024 --theepochtimes
The next crucial decision for Ms. Harris will be selecting a running mate to complete the ticket.
07/23/2024 --benzinga
Vice President Kamala Harris appears ready to secure the Democratic Party's nomination and could soon be tasked with selecting a vice-presidential candidate to be her running mate in the 2024 election.What Happened: Harris has secured enough delegates to win the party's nomination according to reports, setting up a head-to-head battle against former President Donald Trump in the 2024 election.One of Harris' first tasks could be to select a vice-presidential candidate. Former Attorney General Eric Holder is reportedly tasked to lead the search as Harris looks to drum up additional support from Democratic and Independent voters.Over $16 million was wagered on Polymarket, which offers bettors the chance to gamble on who Harris will select.The current favorites are listed below:Mark Kelly: 35%Josh Shapiro: 24%Roy Cooper: 20%Andy Beshear: 9%Pete Buttigieg: 4%Tim Walz: 3%Gretchen Whitmer: 3%There appear to be four betting favorites.Kelly is a U.S. Senator for Arizona since 2020 and a former astronaut. The Senator has some name recognition thanks ...Full story available on
07/23/2024 --npr
More voters are now undecided after President Biden decided not to run for reelection, according to an NPR/PBS News/Marist survey. Vice President Harris has a brief opportunity to win them over.
07/23/2024 --sgvtribune
Harris is zeroing in on four potential candidates.
07/19/2024 --dailycaller
'We must defeat Donald Trump'
11/08/2023 --denverpost
Weld County results for the Colorado 2023 election
11/08/2023 --theguardian
This blog is now closed.Optus network outage may have been caused by same issue that brought Facebook down in 2021Optus service outage at a glance: what we know so farWhat’s been hit by the Optus network going down: from train services to wifi cat feedersGet our morning and afternoon news emails, free app or daily news podcastVictoria’s Northern Health phone lines affected by Optus outageNorthern Health in Melbourne said all phone lines into its campuses are affected by the current Optus outage.This includes phone lines into Northern hospital Epping, Broadmeadows hospital, Bundoora Centre, Craigieburn Centre, Kilmore district hospital, and [the] Victorian Virtual Emergency Department (VVED).We apologise for any inconvenience. Continue reading...
11/08/2023 --theguardian
Hospitals, homes, businesses and transport services hit by Australia-wide internet, mobile and landline network blackout; CEO says service is now backOptus outage live updatesOptus outage: millions across Australia go without mobile or internetWhat’s been hit: from train services to wifi cat feedersGet our morning and afternoon news emails, free app or daily news podcastHere’s what we know about the Optus outage so far:Millions of Australian customers and businesses have been hit by a widespread outage on the Optus network. Affected services include mobile and fixed-line networks, along with internet connections. The service is now back on.The Optus CEO, Kelly Bayer Rosmarin, told the ABC said it was a “technical network fault” but would not go into further detail.At 5.31pm AEDT the telco apologised to customers and said everyone should be back online. “We again thank customers for their patience,” the spokesperson said.According to Downdetector, reports of an outage began at 4am AEDT. A spike of reports flooded through at 5.45am, when 8,180 reports of an outage were received.Optus provided a statement online about 6.45am, saying it was “aware of an issue impacting Optus mobile and nbn services” and was working to restore services “as quickly as possible”.At 10.30am AEDT Rosmarin told ABC Radio Sydney the company had tested a number of “hypotheses” about what might have caused the problem but none fixed the issue.The federal communications minister, Michelle Rowland, said a protocol was in place to allow Optus customers to “camp” on other mobile networks when needing to call 000. There was a marked increase in camping calls on Wednesday.However, Victoria’s health minister, Mary-Anne Thomas, urged people not to use Optus-linked phones to call triple zero. She said some Optus users had reported they are unable to get through.At 12.55pm AEDT, Optus wrote on X that some services across fixed and mobile were gradually being restored. “This may take a few hours for all services to recover, and different services may restore at different sites over that time.”Optus also reiterated its “apology to customers for the nationwide service outage”, and said it was aware of some mobile phones having issues connecting to 000. “If Optus customers need to call emergency services, we suggest finding a family member or neighbour with an alternative device.”Shortly after 1pm AEDT Rosmarin announced that there was now a “path to restoration” and that some users had had services restored. Continue reading...
11/07/2023 --politico
The former president and his allies are reportedly planning to lay siege to the rule of law.
11/06/2023 --salon
Trump is "clear that he will curtail liberties in manners that have not been pronounced since before the Civil War"
11/06/2023 --theguardian
This blog is now closed.Israel-Hamas war: live coverageDaylesford pub crash: Victorian community reels over deaths of two children and three adultsGet our morning and afternoon news emails, free app or daily news podcastPaterson: ceasefire in Gaza would ‘just allow Hamas to regroup’Turning to the Israel-Hamas war, Liberal senator James Paterson is asked for his view on calls for a ceasefire.[It would] just allow Hamas to regroup, it would allow them to continue to hold more than 200 hostages, and it would allow them to again prepare for another attack on Israel.And the truth is that neither the people of Gaza, the Palestinian people, nor the people of Israel, will be safe as long as Hamas is in power in Gaza. And so their removal is a legitimate military objective which Israel is proceeding with. Having said that, it is of course important for Israel and the IDF to do what they can to minimise civilian casualties.I think it’s important that the prime minister raises the full range of issues in the bilateral relationship with Xi Jinping, including the foreign interference and espionage in our democracy but also the ongoing detention of an Australian citizen Dr Yang Hengjun, the ongoing unjustified sanctions against the Australian economy and many other challenges.I think they (China) certainly do pose national security challenges to Australia in terms of foreign interference and espionage, in terms of cyber attacks in terms of intellectual property theft, but also in terms of malign conduct that they’re engaging in the South China Sea …In my view, it would be absurd to admit as a member of one of the highest standard agreements in the world, a country which until recently had engaged in up to $20bn of economic sanctions against the bilateral free trade agreement. If the Chinese government is not able to abide by the standards it voluntarily agreed to enter into under the Australian free trade agreement, why should we expect that they will behave any differently in the future? Continue reading...
11/03/2023 --salon
Although Meadows promised that everything in his book was accurate, one chapter opens with “I KNEW HE DIDN’T LOSE”
11/03/2023 --salon
Although Meadows promised that everything in his book was accurate, one chapter opens with “I KNEW HE DIDN’T LOSE”
11/03/2023 --politico
"You're seeing the frustration build up because the consequences are building up," one senator said.
11/03/2023 --politico
"You're seeing the frustration build up because the consequences are building up," one senator said.
11/03/2023 --theguardian
Follow the day’s news liveSuspected mushroom poisoning: Erin Patterson fronts court on murder charges over deaths in VictoriaGet our morning and afternoon news emails, free app or daily news podcastHusic was on the show to discuss the results of the AI Safety Summit held in the UK this week, where Australia and 27 other countries signed a major artificial intelligence agreement.The Bletchley Declaration affirms that AI should be developed, designed and deployed in a human-centric and safe manner.It has been very clear from a number of countries, not the least of which the US, which brought in a big executive order this week to improve AI safety and security, that there will be more safety testing and also evaluating those AI models, and holding companies much more accountable for the way that they do that development work.There will be safety institutes set up in the US and the UK to help with that testing and it will involve researchers in that work and a state of the science report that will look at the developments particularly around what they call frontier AI, generative AI and Australia will have a voice there with the CSIRO’s chief scientist, Dr Bronwyn Fox, who will represent our country in the development of that research work to give governments and regulators a heads up on how the technology is evolving too.I have been concerned for weeks about where things would head. I was concerned that innocent Palestinian families would bear the brunt and the heaviest burden, in terms of the type of action that was being foreshadowed.I think the world, the international community, is watching very closely. I have said previously there has to be a much more strategic, precise way to hold Hamas to account. Israel’s actions do matter, in terms of the way in which they conduct these military operations, and I think a lot of us are deeply concerned about the impact, not only on innocent Palestinians but particularly kids. Continue reading...
11/02/2023 --politico
The move comes as several GOP members confront the Alabama senator over his blanket hold on nominees.
10/27/2023 --forbes
iCIMS and Wellfound are leveraging artificial intelligence to reimagine job matching.
10/26/2023 --politico
The surprise winner of the race for speaker of the House had one important ally in his come-from-nowhere bid: Donald Trump.
10/25/2023 --politico
The three will take the stage at the Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts in Miami on Nov. 8.
10/25/2023 --politico
Republicans are likely to pick up at least three seats, bolstering their thin House majority.