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Pennsylvania's 16th District
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07/23/2024 --troyrecord
Harris is zeroing in on four potential candidates.
07/23/2024 --huffpost
As racist and sexist remarks proliferate on social media, congressional Republicans are walking back certain attacks on Harris.
07/22/2024 --theepochtimes
Vice President Harris is set to clinch the Democratic Party's presidential nomination, weeks ahead of the convention.
07/22/2024 --eastbaytimes
As support coalesces around Vice President Kamala Harris as the Democratic Party's nominee for president, the conversation has turned to a potential running mate.
07/22/2024 --kron4
A number of Democratic lawmakers, governors and past leaders were quick to rally behind Vice President Harris as she pursues the Democratic Party's presidential nomination following President Biden's withdrawal from the race. Shortly after dropping out of the presidential race, Biden endorsed Harris as his successor, stating it is "time to come together and beat" [...]
07/19/2024 --rawstory
A doctor with a military background said on Friday evening that Donald Trump could have a serious brain injury from being shot in the ear at a rally, but raised serious concerns about the lack of transparency surrounding the ex-president's medical condition.Speaking to MSNBC, Dr. Vin Gupta, a critical care physician, was asked about the "unusual blackout of medical information" surrounding Trump."I wonder if it seems unusual to you, and what you would like to know about" Trump's condition, the host said.EXCLUSIVE: Trump ‘secretary of retribution’ won't discuss his ‘target list’ at RNC"Absolutely, it is unusual, given the gravity of the situation," Gupta said. "And I'd say for your viewers, something to look up and research if you are interested, it is called the tangential gunshot wound. That is essentially what the president is saying happened here."He continued, saying Trump "had a high velocity bullet from an AR-15-style weapon shoot directly at his head, missed penetrating his skull, but actually impacting the surrounding tissues, in this case, his ear. That is what we are being told. That is serious. I come from a military background."He added, "That predisposes, in some cases, to a traumatic brain injury. Over time we might not see initial symptoms up front.""There could've been signs of bleeding that maybe were not present on that initial CT scan that apparently was normal, for whatever report we got, that summary report," he said. "There's a lot of potential impacts here that could impact his function if he is the next president, to his balance, to his hearing, they can manifest over time. This is a big deal."Watch below or click the link.
07/19/2024 --rawstory
Former President Donald Trump's niece assailed him and the media's apparent acceptance of a new-and-improved rebrand at the Republican National Convention, which she called a "grotesque spectacle."Mary Trump wrote Friday in her newsletter, "The Good In Us" that her uncle, the man accused of inciting a violent Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol, did so because he "couldn’t handle losing an election does not actually give a damn about unity.""Donald Trump is no more capable of unifying this country than he was of being presidential. And yet, far too many people in the corporate media keep waiting for it to happen. Indeed, they cynically keep assuring us it’s going to happen," she wrote.A flabbergasted Ms. Trump railed against news organizations that bought Trump's post-assassination re-brand after Trump called for "unity.""Why? Why do they ignore his words, his threats, and his record in order to present him as a man who simply does not exist: a man who is reasonable and measured, humbled and godly?" she asked.Read also: Mary Trump slams 'death candidate' uncle and sounds alarm over 'life-or-death election'Mary Trump blasted headlines and The Boston Globe and The Dallas Morning News, which read “In departure, Trump calls for unity, healing in America" and "Trump emphasizes unity," respectively."Even after the grotesque spectacle of WWE and UFA domestic abusers, racists, and misogynists; even after that rambling, self-aggrandizing, delusional speech; newspapers this morning portrayed Donald as if he were a new person, the kind of guy who wants to bury hatchets and do what’s best for all Americans," she wrote. Ms. Trump later added: "What convention were they watching? What Donald did they see? And how do they all manage to forget that this convicted felon, adjudicated fraud and rapist, is still out on bail in three jurisdictions."She called her uncle "cruel" and insisted he remains the same man she has always known: The one who incited an insurrection, rigged the Supreme Court, is an adjudicated rapist and "sold out our country to his fellow authoritarians."But not if you read the headlines, she said."The corporate media would have us forget all of this, just as they would have us forget the reason Donald needed to pick a new running mate or that he was preceded onstage by a man who uses the n-word and introduced by another who hits his wife," she said. "And we’re supposed to trust this media to steer us through the increasingly dangerous waters of this election? Seriously?"
07/18/2024 --centralmaine
Proceeds will be split between Healthy Community Coalition and the Martha B. Webber Breast Care Center.