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Anna Paulina Luna

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07/21/2024 --rawstory
Fox News hosts Rachel Campos-Duffy and Lisa Boothe defended Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump after he did not kiss his wife, Melania, on the lips at the Republican National Convention (RNC) last week.Following Trump's speech at the RNC, Trump's wife walked out on stage, where the two shared an air kiss."Melania absolutely steals the show with her surprise entrance as the Trump family takes center stage, trying to show unity in their family as well," Campos-Duffy said, even though Trump's wife declined to give a speech at the convention. "But what's really amazing was the dress.""Anna Wintour refuses to put her on Vogue," she continued. "She doesn't need Vogue. She is the most fashionable first lady that ever.""I mean, look how graceful," Boothe agreed. "Could she be any more beautiful?""No!" Campos-Duffy exclaimed. "It's impossible."ALSO READ: How much access did $50,000 buy someone at the Republican National Convention?"Well, they're also criticizing the kiss," Campos-Duffy noted. "They're saying, oh, he didn't kiss her on the lips.""Have you ever been made up?" she asked. "And you give a kind of a little bit of a side kiss or an air kiss to your husband. Give me a break!""They can't stand that she's so fashionable and she's a Republican."Watch the video below from Fox News.
07/18/2024 --nysun
It’s a dramatic finish to a week of high stakes politics that saw the nomination of Vance, a conservative for the rising generation.
07/17/2024 --nbcnews
JD Vance aims to provide the Trump campaign with a boost in the Rust Belt states of Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin as the GOP vice presidential nominee.