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News: What is VoteDown?


What is VoteDown?

Chris S.

VoteDown is a dream of an American Democracy where Congress actually listens to the people they represent.

After so many years of Congress ignoring average American voices, having them kow tow to Dark Money Special Interests, while distracting the populace with Bread and Circus, it does feel like we have to dream to get something so basic as actual representative democracy. The simple goal of giving citizens a voice in their democracy almost seems out of reach in the day and age of excessive gerrymandering, legalized bribery, and social media manipulations.

We aim to fix that by letting people pool their resources together and use those resources to punish Representatives and Senators when they ignore the will of their voters. By acting together and concentrating on the simple goal of listening to constituents, we can drive a change in behavior. No more will Congress fear the NRA or other Special Interests - instead they will fear crossing their own citizens and incurring the wrath of the people.